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Returns of items

Given the fact that Aphrodite is not the direct merchant for each enlisted product and good at, we will not be the direct responsibility for any potential defective or damaged product. In this sense, if a customer has in mind to request a return or refund of items for the potential defectiveness of shipped goods, he must directly contact the singular merchant, to ask and (eventually) obtain a return/refund.

Entering the details, Aphrodite will not be liable or responsible for any potential refund/return of goods rejected by the merchant. Additionally, Aphrodite will not be a mediator between the merchant and the customer during the return/refund process.

In any case, in case of no positive resolution/mediation between the merchant and the customer, this last subject could contact us – Aphrodite – to properly find a valid method to resolve the active dispute inherently to a specific order.

Refund Policy on merchants’ subscriptions

Given the digital nature of the subscriptions, any purchase in this sense by merchants is to be considered as final. In any case, in case of merchant fee refund requests, we will review and analyze any case individually, to evaluate if the request should be finalized with a refund.

In any case, Aphrodite makes no claim or warranty that each request will bring the case to a refund as the final result.

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