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Lelo’s Tantra Feather Teaser is a perfect way to titillate and tease your way to ecstasy. Made from the lightest feathers, this teaser is an invitation to soft, sensual, and seductive trysts ahead.

Luxuriously touchable materials
Made with the softest feathers for exploring the most sensitive places

A stylish addition to bedroom play
Available in sensual shades of red, purple, and black

A perfect match
Ideal for use with Sutra Chainlink Cuffs or Intima Silk Blindfold

Lightweight and hands-free
Hold Tantra with your mouth, leaving your hands free for further exploration


LIMITED EDITION - Erotic play set.

Content: sexy handcuffs and feather tickler, Honey Dust, Oil of Love, Love Liquid and erotic play cards.


Gorgeous, pink heart shaped gift set includes sensual body treats for lovers. Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings, honeymoons or just because.

Contains 4 sensual body treats: Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Body Souffle and Pleasure Garden Aromatic Massage Oil.


Always be ready for love.

The all new Weekender Kit is here! Be ready for spontaneous romance with these petite sensual Kama Sutra luxuries. Perfect portions fit comfortably in a pocket, luggage, bag or purse for a weekend away!

What's in the kit
- OIL OF LOVE: Kissable, water-based body oil. Size: 6 ml.
- HONEY DUST: Kissable body powder with feather tickler for application. Size: 3.5 g.
- 2 AROMATICS/NATURALS MASSAGE OIL Packets Size: A rich, emollient formula makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous massage. Size: 3 ml.
- 2 LOVE LIQUID Classic Packets: Personal, water-based lubricant. Size: 3 ml.
- EROTIC PLAY CARDS: 6 play cards that include positions, actions and commands for erotic adventures and sexy play.


Introducing Kama Sutra's all-new TREASURE TROVE: this deluxe gift set now includes 4 romance products, a custom satin blindfold tie and a set of 6 Kama Sutra Position Playcards. All packaged in a beautiful, gift-ready box.

- Two kissable body treats
- Includes a versatile satin tie for blindfolding and gentle restraint
- Includes a set of Position Playcards for sensual fun
- Keep your sexy treasures safe in the keepsake box


OIL OF LOVE STRAWBERRY DREAMS: Kissable, warming foreplay oil. Size: 22 ml.

HONEY DUST STRAWBERRY DREAMS: Kissable body powder with feather tickler for application. Size: 56 g.

IGNITE MASSAGE CANDLE STRAWBERRY DREAMS: Coconut Oil based massage candle with convenient our spout. Full Size: 170 g.

LOVE LIQUID: Personal, water-based lubricant. Size: Three 3 ml Packets.

SATIN TIE: For seductive blindfolding and gentle restraint.

6 KAMA SUTRA POSITION PLAYCARDS: For endless erotic entertainment with your lover.

- A wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party gift
- Valentine's Day or anniversary surprise
- A wonderful bridal shower or wedding gift
- Anytime you need to spice things up


Allow your arousal to mount slowly under the expert touch of this soft feather tickler. Caressing your skin to attention as it teases your flesh, the plume of feathers leaves a trail of goosebumps in its wake to increase your sensitivity and excitement.

"Christian trails the soft feathers over my stomach and breasts as I become captured by my desire, needing more and more. He continues to tease my naked skin, smirking with each titillating stroke." - Ana Steele

Prolong lust and let pleasure build at an achingly slow pace as you enjoy the sensual touch of soft feathers teasing and tickling your skin. Making every touch and kiss feel more exciting, each stroke sends chills up your spine and leads your body to twist and arch with the anticipation of sexual pleasure.

Full body titillation comes easily thanks to the long and slender handle which adds additional reach for the feathers. Stroke from the cheeks to the toes in a single motion without having to unlock lips, making sensory play feel more intimate and exciting.

Best enjoyed with a blindfold as a prelude to more intense stimulation, a feather tickler can be enjoyed as part of bedroom bondage or to simply excite your lover before play.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James, this seductive feather tickler is the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

Length: 36,8 cm
Material: Feather


- Mini Bodywand
- Holiday Tickler
- Naughty Satin Eye Mask
- Santa Hat
- Untie Me Thong
- Bed Spreader Restraints


Feather case. Discover new sensations with the most delicate plume.


A caress is the excuse for getting close.The Tickle Me Tickler can be used to thrill and tease your entire body. Let the sensation take you over, as you play with your lover and stimulate every corner of their body with our delicate feathers. The soft touch of the feathers on your skin will take you to a whole new world of unique sensation.


Feather tickler with attached wrist cord.

Great lingerie accessory that features a card with sexy hints.


Cubic zirconia encrusted bling handle with hand loop.
Has 40 agile, vegan falls, that can produce a tickling sensation or a stinging snap.

Product Specifications:
- Handle Length: 10 cm
- Falls length: 21 cm
- Total length (without loop): 31 cm
- 40% vinyl, 26% ABS plastic, 10% nickel free metal, 8% zinc alloy, 8% cubic zirconia, 6% copper, 2% polyester


Soft, fluffy feathers on a 40 cm black wand. Features a card with sexy hints. Great lingerie accessory.