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The Satisfyer was created to catapult you to cloud 9 on a wave of unforgettably intense orgasms. No wonder, then, that you want to keep your personal pressure-wave miracle worker close by your side. When you’re having so much fun, you need to clean your pleasure partner regularly and thoroughly to ensure that it remains like new for a long time.

So fresh, so clean!
The Premium Disinfectant Spray provides comprehensive hygiene for your Satisfyer, as well as all-round protection against bacteria and viruses. Effectively avoid fungal infections and other diseases, and enjoy fresh pleasure without hesitation, even with frequent use of your high-flying friend.

To clean your Satisfyer thoroughly, start with mild soap and water. Thanks to its waterproof finish, you can be very thorough here. Lather your toy generously and rinse off. If your Satisfyer has a removable attachment, you can also clean this separately. Then spray the Disinfectant Spray several times over the toy’s entire surface. Once the surface is sufficiently moist, allow the disinfectant to act for 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Your Satisfyer is ready for your next bout of sensual pleasure!

- alcohol-free formula
- gentle disinfection
- perfect for all Satisfyers
- care & cleansing without spotting
- protection from bacteria & viruses

150 ml


JO Agape with FREE toy cleaner!

JO for Women Agapé is a uniquely formulated personal lubricant containing NO silicone and NO glycerin. Created for women with sensitivities, JO for Women Agapé uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide sensual enhancement and moisture without causing irritation.

- Silky smooth, never sticky or tacky
- Contains No Silicone, Glycerin or Oil
- Doctor approved and recommended
- Great for daily use
- 100% Latex Safe

At System JO, we believe everyone deserves an enhanced sensual experience.

Our JO for Women Agapé lubricant was specially designed to meet the unique needs of women with silicone and/or glycerin sensitivities.

JO for Women Agapé provides silky smooth moisture with NO silicone, glycerin, oil or wax. It's made with pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients that won't cause irritation or disrupt feminine pH.

Never sticky or tacky, this long lasting lubricant has been recommended by doctors and women's health experts worldwide.

100% latex compatible.

Water (Aqua), Propanediol, Gluconolactone, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid

2 x 120 ml


Sex toys can collect harmful bacteria and proper cleaning of toys is crucial to avoid infections from germs. b-Vibe's UV sterilizer bag is a complete sanitizing system that kills over 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 3 minutes.

Easily accommodating average sized toys including all b-Vibe products and all toys up to 25,4 cm in size, this sterilizer bag can be used to keep almost all of your pleasure products germ free.

- LED UV sterilizer pouch
- USB cord
- User guide


Lelo's Antibacterial Cleaning Spray contains active anti-microbial ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, while the addition of zinc salts reduces any chance of irritation. Containing additional anti-viral and anti-fungal properties within a pH balanced formula, this easy-on spray is the safest and most effective choice for all your toy cleaning needs.

Directions: spray surface of the toy, leave for 5 seconds and then wipe clean with a lint-free cloth or towel. Body-safe formula means no need to rinse with water. Suitable for use with silicone, rubber and latex toys. Avoid contact with eyes and do not swallow.

60 ml


An all-rounder in cleaning.

- Toycleaner
- Hygiene spray
- Reduces germs, fungus and bacteria in genital area
- Cleans sex toys
- Gentle yet thorough
- 100 ml - aluminium bottle


Bathmate’s Anal Toy Cleaner is the world’s first toy cleaner that is formulated specifically for use on anal toys.

- The world’s only toy cleaner, formulated specifically for use on anal toys.
- Complete removal of faecal matter.
- Free from parabens.
- Safe to use on all toys.

The alcohol-free formula is free from parabens and contains anionic surfactants for the complete removal of faecal matter.

Combined with its easy-to-use ergonomic spray bottle it really is the perfect choice for keeping your anal toys in prime condition.


Keep your pleasure products clean and your body safe! Think Clean Thoughts is a quick and simple-to-use anti-bacterial cleaning foam that contains active anti-microbial ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, and it is mild enough to not cause irritation to delicate tissue.

- Spray directly onto pleasure products both prior to use, and afterward. Wipe away extra fluid. Not intended as a personal moisturizer (do not use internally).
- Made with healthy ingredients such as: water, witch hazel extract, organic aloe vera, grape seed extract, sweet orange and other true essential oils.
- No parabens, petrochemicals, or glycerine.

125 ml