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Set of 2 anal beads.

- Skin friendly soft silicone
- Ideal for beginners & anal training
- Easy to clean
- Support rings for safe pleasure
- 2 sensual structures
- Increasing diameter.

Length: 20,5 cm


The Curved Glass Beaded Dildo from gläs is an intricate product made of clear, dependable, and body-safe glass. It requires simple, worry free clean up and pairs well with all lubricants. Its rounded, bulbous shape is great for exploration and stimulating unique pleasure centers.

The Curved Glass Beaded Dildo from gläs is an artisinally crafted, gorgeously designed adult toy made of hypoallergenic, borosilicate glass. This clear, elegantly made product is intended for extensive, long lasting use and is compatible with all varieties of lubricants. It is easy to clean with a dash of water and soap. This gläs pleasure product is handmade in a specially designed beaded shape to illicit massive arousal and release. It is 5 inches in total length and has a slight bend in its shaft for natural feel and comfortable insertion. The Curved Glass Beaded Dildo retains warmth as well as coldness for versatile and adaptable bedroom action. Gläs products are exceptional in their design and handcrafted to perfection. Whether on display or used during play, the Curved Glass Beaded Dildo is irresistible and unforgettable.


Glass is hard, durable, and smooth as silk—properly lubed, the surface becomes incredibly slick. Our unique droplet beaded design is perfect for increasing levels of anal penetration and pleasure. Hi-durability handle for greater control and easy retrieval. Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, this toy can be easily cleaned. Retains heat and cold for increased stimulation. Compatible with all lubricants.

Length: 19 cm


Meet b-Vibe's latest masterpiece - the Cinco Anal Beads; The only premium set of vibrating anal beads that feature five flexible tapered beads, an easy grip handle, three powerful rumbly motors, and a remote control that works up to 30 feet away. Experience the pleasure of 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns, perfect for anal enthusiasts who enjoy deep and powerful sensations.

Use with or without the wireless remote control that not only makes use a breeze, but also offers diverse couple play possibilities.

Cinco Anal Beads are premium XL anal beads that feature five flexible tapered size beads, an easy grip handle, and three powerful rumbly motors.

- 20,3 x 2,5 cm soft, seamless silicone anal beads with three powerful motors
- 6 vibration levels & 15 vibration patterns
- Remote control technology that works up to 30 feet away
- Hypoallergenic & body-safe materials; Phthalate-free, latex-free, non-porous
- Splash proof & shower friendly
- Lithium Ion Battery runs 1 hours on a single charge
- USB rechargeable - empty to full in 2 hours
- Battery Level Indicator flashes when charging is required
- Travel lock
- Travel-Ready Design – product arrives in a convenient, discreet travel case


The only premium anal beads that feature flexible tapered size beads, an easy grip handle, and two powerful motors. Experiment with the pleasure of 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns, perfect for new or experienced fans of anal play.

- Splash Proof Rechargeable Beads
- Remote Control
- Travel/Storage Case
- USB Cord
- Guide To Anal Play

- User Type: Medium
- Insertible Size: 11,7 cm
- Diameter: 3 cm
- Circumference: 9 cm
- Sensations: Vibration
- Motors: 2
- Material: Seamless Silicone


Solid stainless steel, double-sided pleasure tool.

No matter which way you grip Le Wand Swerve, you’ll be in full control of your pleasure. This dynamic dual-ended pleasure tool is expertly designed for ultimate G-spot or prostate stimulation with a targeted, ?rm massage that’s commanded by you with ease. Swerve’s opposite end features rippled beads for the ultimate anal sphincter massage, particularly when paired with temperature play — a unique option that’s available with stainless steel. Swerve can easily be cooled and warmed for heightened sensations.

- Stainless steel toys are prized for their hardness, weight, and hygiene. - They can be used with all types of lubricant.
- Try cooling them down or warming them up with water for temperature play.
- Clean with soap and water, in the dishwasher, or boil them for 3 to 4 minutes to fully disinfect.

Complete set includes:
- Travel bag
- Cleaning cloth & care instructions
- Guide to stainless steel pleasure tools

Length: 203 mm
Width side one: 29 mm
Width side two: 33 mm


These large anal beads are made from silky smooth silicone and are perfect to wear during sex. Pop them in and pull them out at point of climax for amazing sensations you'll love! The ring at the base makes withdrawal easy to ensure that your playtime is enhanced to the max.

Do not use with silicone lubricant.

- Super smooth silicone
- Flexible
- Easy removal loop
- Large size for advanced players - ball diameter 30mm


Nexus Quattro pleasure balls will add a new dimension to playtime. These vibrating balls can be used internally and externally to stimulate all your erogenous zones. Wrap them, pull them, pop them!

A unisex toy that is only limited by the user's imagination. Can be inserted vaginally and anally. Loop handle for easy control.


355mm x 40mm
40mm at widest point

- 7 vibrating functions
- 3 motors
- 100% body safe silicone
- Loop handle for easy control
- USB rechargeable
- Waterproof to IPX7 standards, can be submersed up to 1m in water for 30 minutes
- Standard charging time is 1.5 hours which will give 2 hours of play
- Use remote control up to 10 metres away


Ballsy threesome, you won’ let Big-Bend-it! down just because he’s crooked!

Especially when he is playing some pretty nasty tricks on that prostate of yours. Unbelievable how far this prostate stimulator including it’s conductors can be bent and wangled into simply all directions.
The secret of this impressive flexibility is the Flex & Stay Technology by Mystim. Just push it in the way you like it and it will stay like this until you reshape it. Try that with your schlong … or maybe not!

Bent or not – when it comes to electric stimulation the Big Bend-it! is always in the best form ever. You might want to broaden your understanding about exciting intensity when this innovative bi-polar electro-sex prostate stimulator plays out its three striking features: It’s impressive size and the three egg-shaped balls – which mean nothing more than three times the fun for you. To activate the electric poles you would need a device like the Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes.

How to use
Life’s too short for beating around the bush, so lets get started, shall we? Simply plug the right cords (not included) into the toy’s port! But before you insert Big Bend-it! and switch on the electrical stimulation, you might want to treat yourself with something slippery: a water based lubricant gel. Trust us – it’ll be the cherry on top of your prostate massage.

Cleaning and care
For cleaning you really won’t have to go through high water or hell. Big Bend-it! is 100 % made of medical platinum silicone, so all you need is water, some cleanser, and a disinfectant here and then. The extremely hygienic material also has a very smooth and soft surface, which will nestle to your skin just nicely. Body contact of the pleasant kind, about which you probably will give a f***.

- Type: E-Stim prostate stimulator
- Length: 18 cm
- Diameter: 1.5-4.4 cm
- Weight: 180 gr
- 2 poles (bi-polar)
- Cables are not included
- Made of 100 % medical platinum silicone
- Electrical device needed
- Connection via 2 mm socket


The wizard of OH MY GOOOD

No matter, if somewhere over the rainbow or secretly under the covers – Booty Garland makes you sing its praises. Slowly inserting and withdrawing this wonderful anal chain will probably make you grin from cheek to cheek. An ecstatic multiple chain reaction, because with four bulging balls, nicely lined up in a row – there’s plenty of orgiastic fun guaranteed. And the best thing about it: You can have that stimulating pleasure every day. Step by step and round by round. Sounds magic, doesn’t it?

Via the black marked conducting surface the soft and stimulating effect of the impulses unfolds just as you wish for it. You're the one controlling it all and at all times, regulating intensity and impulse at will. To activate the two poles, you need an electrical device like the Cluster Buster, Tension Love or Pure Vibes.

Booty Garland makes sure, that everything in your pleasure zone runs smoothly. As soon as the four internal rotating balls get going, the party is on. The more you are able to hold your horses, the longer you can enjoy your excitement and make the most of those moments of lust. Use a water based lubricant and things will smoothly slip into place. And as it just feels so nice, let’s do it again … and maybe anal this time? Make Booty Garland your ball and chain and blow your brains out.

Cleaning and care
Love at first touch: the balls are 100% encased with medical-grade silicon, have a very pleasant feel, are waterproof, easy to clean and silent while in use … if not a little moan escapes your own lips here and there. Get ready to kill some lustful quality time with fantastic orgasms. The longer – the better.

- Type: e-stim anal chains
- Length: 30 cm
- Diameter: 3 cm
- Weight: 103 gr
- Balls are 100% encased with medical-grade silicone
- Waterproof
- Nearly noiseless while in use
- Electrical device not included
- Connection via Mystim plug
- Bi-polar electrical sex toy – usable with or without external electrodes
- Easy to insert and to take out due to the special form of the chain
- With rotating internal ball, which is almost noiseless while used
- Combines the advantages of pelvic floor exercises with very effective EMS
- Balls are 100% encased with medical-grade silicone and therefor have a pleasant feel
- Especially smooth and soft surface


B BALLS DUO - react to your motions!

B BALLS DUO – a butt plug that reacts to your motions! Two balls of graduated size are passionately inserted anally, segment by segment like anal beads. With every movement, the small weights inside of the B BALLS DUO create reactive sensations depending on the body's activity, allowing intensity ranging from gentle to powerful. There is no other toy like it!

A new class of anal stimulation
The movement of the toy's weights does not require any electrical power and it delivers pleasure for hours – whether during intercourse with a partner and/or sextoy or as a little secret you carry around during the day. The B BALLS DUO get to work without making a sound and thanks to their narrow base, they can be worn discreetly beneath the user’s clothes. Due to their size, B BALLS DUO are perfect for intermediate or expert anal players; they create a satisfying sense of being "filled up".

- For lovers of extra anal stimulation
- Wonderful sensation of fullness
- Rotating inner balls follow the motions of the user
- Can be discreetly and invisibly worn
- Narrow base is 100% safe and secure; doesn't hinder access to any erogenous zones
- Totally quiet – use B BALLS DUO when and where you want
- Suitable for foreplay and preparing for bigger fun
- 2 year guarantee
- Made in Germany
- 100% medical-grade silicone and body-friendly ASB plastic, odorless
- Easy to clean with CLEANER or water and a mild soap
- Colors: raspberry - black and white - dark violet
- Widen your sexual horizon with FUN FACTORY's informative booklet “Butt play activities”!

The B BALLS DUO provide an extra kick to ALL lovers of anal pleasure!
Starting right with the insertion of the balls, even the most experienced users feel erotically stimulated by the tapered silicone balls. The B BALLS DUO are joined by a flexible yet stable silicone connector that makes insertion a pure pleasure. Water-based lubricant is recommended for use with B BALLS DUO. If you are looking for something smaller to get you started, check out the B BALL UNO!

This hybrid product (part anal beads part butt plug) has the unique added benefit of reacting to the user’s motions using its rotating inner weights. The rotating weights in the B BALLS DUO are set in motion with every movement, releasing arousing sensations for hours – all without a motor! They are totally quiet and the narrow base can't be detected under clothes, so the anal toy can be worn discreetly in public as an erotic secret!

During intercourse, B BALLS DUO can hardly be stopped and release waves of ecstasy in her and him. The wilder the lovemaking, the more intense and thrilling the rotations of the balls as they follow the body's rhythms. When he wears the B BALLS DUO, he enjoys an invigorating massage of the anus and prostate. When she wears them, he will feel how wonderfully tight she becomes as a result. For her, the B BALLS DUO also provide pleasant massage sensations and anal stimulation during vaginal intercourse.

Length of both balls: 12.5 cm; Ø Ball: 3.2 cm and 3.6 cm; 87 g


High-quality and highly functional anal beads. The beads are inserted in the anus while masturbating or during intercourse. At the point of orgasm, the beads are removed to enhance climax. These attractive, modern and egonomically designed anal beads are made of 100% medical-grade silicone. The beads are extremely soft, completely seamless and, with their ribbed design, ensure extra stimulation.

Feelz Toys products are made of 100% medical-grade, high-quality silicone. This material is the best and safest material that can be utilised in erotic products. This very same material is already widely used in various other applications, such as in food service and in the healthcare industry.

Silicone feels as soft as natural skin, warms quickly and stays warm longer than other materials. The material is odourless, flavourless, non-porous and softener-free. Furthermore, our products are all hypoallergenic, and are easy to clean with simple warm water and mild soap.

Feelz Toys products are the most innovative, environmentally sustainable and safe erotic products currently available on the market. All our products are CE certified and meet all of the RoHS guidelines.

Use only water-based lubricants with Feelz Toys products. Do not use silicone-based lubricants.

Size: 24.5 x 2 cm
Colour: Purple